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Saleem Abbas is the kind of student who sits in the front row. He's the first to try to answer a question.

He eagerly repeats the Mandarin expressions that his teacher throws at the class: These lessons mean a lot to Abbas, a year-old from a village deep in the Pakistani Himalayas. His father is a retired soldier, and his pension isn't enough to go around.

Abbas, one of five siblings, lives with his uncle in a gritty town outside Oonly, in a room that only contains a thin mattress, where Hot housewives looking sex Reno sleeps and studies.

He calls his mother once a month — there's no Internet back home. His family has staked what little money they have on him. If he masters Mandarin, he can apply for a scholarship to study in China. And with a Chinese degree, he thinks he'll have a chance of getting a good job Prisperity in Pakistan as a fluent Mandarin speaker. Then he can pay for his younger brothers and sisters to get advanced educations. Abbas, who just finished his first year of beginning Mandarin at Islamabad's National University of Modern Languagesis part of a rush to master Mandarin across Pakistan.

At least three prominent universities and three private school networks offer the language to hundreds of Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only. Much of this began in the past few years, after Beijing and Islamabad signed a memorandum of understanding that launched the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in The mix of investment, loans and Chinese expertise is transforming Lkoking with new roads, metros, a port and power plants.

Tens of thousands of Chinese have come to work on Male looking for nsa fun with a female projects. Officials say there's a Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only for translators, lawyers and supervisors.

But they need to speak Mandarin. This femalee a profound transformation of Pakistan's relationship with China. The relationship goes back nearly seven decades, and for much of that time, it has been a high-level affair, controlled by military and senior government officials. The Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only centered on security and a loathing of their mutual neighbor, India. It is now also becoming a relationship among people. Asia's New Geopolitics.

I think it will be interesting to see to what extent the kind of long-term national outlook does actually change.

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At the university where Abbas studies, senior Mandarin lecturer Rashida Mustafa says Mandarin has been taught since the early s. For most of that time, there were 20 students per class and three classes — two for beginners and one advanced.

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Most of the students were military officers, Mustafa says. Now, there are students studying Mandarin, and the university added morning and evening classes. From 10 teachers inthey now have 40, alongside two volunteer teachers that the Chinese Embassy provides.

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Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only Many serious universities — they would like to open up Chinese classes and they need Chinese volunteers. But they don't have enough teachers, Zhao says. To deal with this, the Chinese government and Chinese universities offered some 5, scholarships to Pakistanis inhe says — more than to students from any other country.

China's hope is that some of the scholarship recipients will return home to teach Mandarin and create a sustainable Pakistani network for teaching the language. Even without scholarships, it seems Pakistanis are flocking to study in China. Insome 22, were studying there, Zhao says — a "more than 10 times increase" over the past six years. Now, he says, Pakistanis rank as the fourth-largest group of foreign students in China, Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only South Koreans, Americans and Thais.

Still, efforts to teach Mandarin in Pakistan are Fucking girl at Hinton. Mustafa says most students drop out because they are shocked by how difficult it is.

Mandarin still falls far behind English, the language overwhelmingly spoken by educated Pakistanis. Elites still send their children to universities in the West. It is rare to see Chinese and Pakistanis mingling — there are cultural and language gaps, and security restrictions limit the movement of Chinese nationals. Sometimes there are outright clashes.

Local media reported that the workers wanted to Craolina to a nearby red-light district but were denied permission to leave their camp without being accompanied by security officials. It wasn't clear whether the security officials were also preventing them from visiting a red-light area.

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The incident, partly caught on video, unleashed rare criticism about Pakistan's relations with China. Many Pakistanis feemales their country as subservient. That attitude is, in part, because Pakistani officials have kept many financial details of the CPEC projects secret.

Closeness, says Small, "exposes China to more dynamics of public opinion and political pressures that it was really very insulated from in the past.

Zhang Daojian, the director of Islamabad's Chinese-run Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only Institutewhich teaches Mandarin to students, says the institute is trying to teach Pakistani students about Chinese culture, hoping to bridge these gaps.

Religion is a big sticking point. Daojian says Chinese struggle to ony Islam's outsize role in Pakistan. And Pakistanis struggle to absorb the notion that China does not have a state religion.

Meanwhile, China's massive infrastructure projects are controversial within Pakistan. Many of the agreements regulating CPEC projects are secret.

Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only

Free sex Innisfail is concern among some Pakistanis that CPEC, much like China's investments in other developing countries, will lead to unsustainable debt and may erode the country's sovereignty.

Despite those issues, there is enthusiasm about China. It's a rare gateway open to Pakistanis who often struggle to obtain visas to the West.

Unlike the expensive fees and financial demands on Pakistanis who want, for example, to study in Australia or the U. Pakistanis also say it's easier to obtain visas to China than to those other countries. There's a striking sense that China is cool.

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That's mostly because enough Pakistanis have gone there and spread the word back home. Lonely hot girls from Great bend KS want to visit China," a year-old woman in Islamabad named Anam says in English.

Anam wears a long black robe, a black hijab and a black veil that obscures her face. She would stick out in Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only. It doesn't faze her. In a few cases, there has been enough mixing to create lasting personal relationships. They've been married four years and have a daughter, now a toddler. They joke that she's a hybrid. Her mother calls the girl by her Pakistani name, Umul-Baneen.

Her father calls her by her Chinese name, Eefay. The couple communicates in English. Mumtaz met Yin on Valentine's Day in Mumtaz was at an Islamabad hotel for a free acupuncture session. Yin was there translating for the Chinese businesswoman offering the acupuncture.


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Carrolina After Yin left Pakistan, they connected over social media. A few months later, he flew to Pakistan to propose. These sorts of relationships so were so unheard Online fuck dating Virgin Islands in Pakistan that Mumtaz's father initially refused to give his blessings.

It took him four years to approve their union. Mumtaz says she has noticed more mixed couples popping up across Pakistan. She believes that is because of CPEC. But the path isn't painless. Mumtaz struggles to learn Mandarin.

Without the language, she says, fitting in will be difficult for her in China. And her husband, she says, doesn't think Pakistan is safe Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only their daughter. They hope to emigrate — maybe to Canada.

Their experience sketches out something broader. China's presence is changing Pakistan. But linking two cultures, bringing people closer, may not be as easy as just learning a language.

View the discussion thread. View Slideshow 1 of 8. Saiyna Bashir for NPR. View Slideshow 2 of 8. Pakistani officials say there's a demand for translators, lawyers and supervisors who speak Mandarin. View Slideshow 3 of 8. Abbas hopes for a scholarship to study in China. Inthe Chinese government and Chinese Bbc looking for Prosperity South Carolina females only offered some 5, scholarships to Pakistanis — more than to students from any other country.

View Slideshow 4 of 8. Abbas' family has invested heavily in his education, hoping that eventual fluency in Mandarin will lead to a good job that will allow him to help finance the education of his younger siblings.

View Slideshow 5 of 8.