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Hot guy looking for a blonde girl

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Have you ever taken a Rorschach test? The doctor shows you "inkblots" and you blurt out what comes to mind.

The inkblots measure perception of abstract shapes, tapping into the corners of the mind. Hopefully, guys don't judge a woman by her hair colorbut they have perceptions based on culture, media, and personal taste, similar to unconscious interpretation of inkblots.

Marilyn Monroe is the iconic blonde. After some research, I discovered Marilyn was not even a natural blonde.

Her "blondness" helped create the public's perception of her: Marilyn may be the main reason blondes are so celebrated in male circles. She did a lot for the lioking. My blonde friends even promote it from time to time, quipping, "Sorry, I'm having a blonde moment" to excuse their mistakes.

The "Blonde Bombshell. Blondes are the "All American Girl" most often. The phrase "blonde hair, blue eyes" is stitched in the fabric of American society, and blue is a patriotic color.

Perhaps this is why blondes often represent the All American girl next door. The eyes may actually have it.

Eye color sometimes mixes with hair color amazingly: It's funny how culture and media influence perception of hair color, but my personal opinion is: It doesn't matter what color your hair is; if you're hot, you're hot. And personality could trump everything. loo,ing

Do women have stereotypes about guys' hair color, or are you just happy when he has hair? What are your thoughts on my stereotypes, and what stereotypes do you have for blonde, brunette, and lopking women? Any guy hair color that would make you not want to date him?

Find out what guys think about redheads and brunettes. Type keyword s to search.

Today's Top Stories. Ralph Mecke.

What's my "inkblot-style" reaction to blondes? See below: Blondes Marilyn Monroe is the iconic blonde.

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